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Behind the Name


A few years ago, I took the most impactful trip of my life to date.

Destination: Thailand.

While roaming the land of smiles, I found myself in Bangkok where I met a few people at a Hostel. They invited me to join them on a trip to a Tiger Sanctuary about three hours away.

Tigers have always fascinated me with their dominance and beauty, so I leaped at this opportunity to interact with them.

The following morning we were on our way. I could not wait to cross this off my bucket list!

Upon our arrival, my excitement had peaked. Once I saw the tigers I started feeling uneasy and bothered, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Something was wrong.

Fast-forward about six months after I was back from my trip. I was catching up with a friend who had also been to Thailand. We both agreed that it was a breathtaking place, and then I brought up the Tiger Sanctuary.

He had asked which one I visited and if they sedated their tigers with drugs to keep them docile. At first, I was taken back by the question, but then I remembered that uneasy feeling.

So, when I went home – I started to research.

I had discovered with immense guilt that the Tiger Sanctuary I visited in Thailand had been caught sedating their tigers with drugs on numerous occasions. I am one of many who have unknowingly contributed to this unethical exploit. The excellent news is the Tiger Temple just outside of Bangkok has since been shut down.

It is with pleasure to announce that a portion of proceeds that comes to Crown & Tiger will be put towards the proper treatment and care of the Tigers in North America as well as Thailand.

Help us Crown our fallen Tigers

-Photo from Peta