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Global mosquito net used is endangering wildlife and humans alike

Posted by John Michie on
According to recent data, anti-malarial safety nets are used to catch fish all over the world. The problem here is that these nets are bringing in more harm than good and they affect both fish and humans alike. There are billions of people at risk of malaria. So, using this type of mosquito nets is hugely problematic, as you never know whether those mosquitos are infected with disease or not.
There are nets used to protect crops; others are designed to keep chicken away and so on. The issue is that research doesn’t seem to be favorable to mosquito net fishing. It’s just too dangerous, and it doesn’t offer a value that would help get over all these things. That being said, even if not all mosquito nets are terrible, some of them are.
The problem is that you can find mosquito net fishing just about everywhere in the world. People in West Africa use them, you can also see it in Nepal as well as many other countries.

While there’s no data when it comes to the impact that mosquito net fishing has on malaria infections, the reality is that you do need to study everything and identify a way to handle all these issues firsthand. The misuse of nets is a primary concern. Some people use pesticides, and those affect mosquitoes in their area. Then they catch those mosquitoes and use them for mosquito net fishing.
Even if fishermen don’t realize, they are harming themselves, and they don’t deliver any good results from this. It’s imperative to study the potential impact of these actions, especially if people start using pesticides in regions where they want to start fishing afterward. It’s very important to address all of these situations professionally so that you can obtain the best possible results.
Of course, there’s no known long-term implication when it comes to using mosquito nets for fishing. But since malaria tends to spread very fast, it’s frightening to even think about the potential problems that can appear from something like this. That’s why proper nets have to be used for mosquito net fishing.
Unfortunately, some people just use the nets near their home for a variety of situations. While that sounds great, it’s not helpful and healthy. This is how these infections can spread and as you can imagine, we have to do all in our power to avoid them.
But even if health organizations are trying hard to come up with ways of identifying and suppressing the misuse of mosquito nets, there are still plenty of them that are infected. However, if this information reaches the right places, we can end up eating fish without having to worry about infections or significant health issues. We have to protect the environment and to do that; we have to think about the impact of our actions. Getting an environmentally friendly watch from Crown and Tiger can be an excellent idea, which is why you should consider starting with that. But yes, as long as we are fully committed and focused on exploring wildlife the right way, results can be astonishing.

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